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Manage all your WordPress projects, create and reuse UX sections, and build professional UIs all in one place. Faster, cheaper, better, and more profitable.

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Why agencies choose SPINNR

The WordPress toolkit for agencies to build quality, high-performing websites faster and more profitably than ever before without stifling their creativity.

The best WordPress workflows 

Create prototypes, design systems and ready websites for your clients. Reuse the best solutions in just clicks.

Quality websites on a budget

Create creative websites that look and perform perfectly and forget about complex code. Save time and money without compromising.

Freedom for innovation

The freedom to be creative minus the need for expensive and highly-skilled developers, leading to better profits and satisfied clients.

SPINNR evolves your business

SPINNR works as a WordPress theme

SPINNR is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme with a cloud-based editor that can be used to create a stunning website for any business. It features a modern design with a clean layout and no unnecessary code.

Select from a library of components – or make your own

SPINNR includes a large default library of pre-built and optimized components that can be used ‘out of the box’ to build production-ready websites in just minutes. Your developer can also create and save your own custom components to be reused across all your client sites!

Maintain brand integrity

SPINNR’s unique Brand Style Guide featuring Brand Lock technology allows you to attach your client’s brand definition to the website and all of the default components, transforming a website wireframe into the client’s branded website in just minutes. Rebranding is no longer a stressful process. Just change the settings and the new brand is applied instantly – no need to rebuilt to rebrand!

Unrestricted ability to create and code

SPINNR offers full access to the website’s code, allowing you to create without restrictions. The best of both worlds – a simple, intuitive, safe visual editor, and full code access. And what’s more, no proprietary code! Just standard HTML, CSS, and JS.

Safe updating for non-technical users

Full access to code is great, but clients rarely have the need (or skill) to be able to take advantage. SPINNR’s exclusive “Advanced Mode” switch means that non-technical content managers and editors can easily make safe, intuitive updates to the website, maintaining technical and brand integrity.

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Answers to your questions

To install the SPINNR theme on WordPress, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this video tutorial or follow the documentation at
Take a look at the “Getting Started” section of the documentation at There is also a library of useful videos on SPINNR’s YouTube page
No, SPINNR is a theme that includes a powerful cloud-based page builder, making it easy to create fast and consistent web pages.
Absolutely! SPINNR is versatile and can be used to create any type of webpage, including landing pages for your clients.
Definitely. SPINNR is actually perfect for agencies and has been built with agencies in mind, as it streamlines the website creation process, making it faster, better, and more profitable.
No, SPINNR beta is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or charges.
While we can’t guarantee compatibility with all third-party plugins, most plugins should work with SPINNR. A lot of popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Formidable, YOAST, etc work perfectly well with the SPINNR theme.

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