Logging into your SPINNR account


To log in to your SPINNR account:

Go to https://beta.spinnr.io

Click Log In at the top right.

Choose how you want to log in: 

 1)  Password and email address  

  • Forgot which password you used? Click Forgot your password?
  • Tip: Forgot which email address you used? Write to our support team. 

2) Sign in with Google 

  • Click Sign In with Google on the logIn page https://beta.spinnr.io/login.
  • Choose a Google account and click on it
  • Confirm you want to sign up with your chosen account

Troubleshooting login issues

I forgot my password  

Click Forgot your password? If the link doesn’t work please write to our support team. 

I forgot my email address 

In SPINNR 3.0 BETA you are not able to retrieve the email you used for SPINNR automatically. Please remember your SPINNR and WordPress login email should match.  If you still have an issue, please write to our support team. 

I can’t log in with my Google account

The Google sign-in option launches a new window for you to log into your Google account. Ensure that your browser permits cookies and pop-ups, as restrictions like ad blockers or popup blockers could interfere with this window opening.

If you’re already logged into your Google account, verify it’s the same account you utilised for signing up with SPINNR. You can log out of your Google account at google.com before logging back into your SPINNR account.

I can’t find my site after I log in

If you can’t find the site you’re looking for on the Sites page, check that you are logged into the correct 

account. Use the Account Email Locator to check which email address that you used when creating your site.

The login page isn’t loading

Try opening https://beta.spinnr.io/login in an incognito window or private browsing mode. You can also try clearing your browser’s cache if you’re experiencing issues with the login page. 

Balazs Pinter
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