Components are the building blocks of spinnr page creation. They are predefined collection of elements that can be reused anytime to help you speed up the page creation process. There are 3 types of components:

  1. Standard components– these are basic components that are predefined and are commonly used on all websites. They are designed using standard classes to allow your brand guide styles to reflect on them. They can be easily modified to your liking by modifying a couple of classes attached to them or by editing them as html content.
  2. Special components– these are components that have a specific use and are normally modified through Component Options. Components of these type are Bootstrap Components, WordPress Components, Other Components, etc.
  3. Custom Project Components– these are project-specific components and are similar to standard components. These components can be found under ‘My Components’ on the component library sidebar.

Managing Components

Components can be managed by an administrator in Page Builder > Components. Here you can add, edit or delete components. You can also update the thumbnail of components here by uploading a thumbnail or using the thumbnail generator in the canvas.

Components are grouped together by category groups and category. To manage category and category groups, go to Page Builder > Category Groups / Category from the dashboard sidebar.

Saving to My Components

When using the page builder, you might find there are some components you are working on that can be reusable. You can opt to save that component to be reused later on a different section or page. To save a specific project component:

  1. Select the component you want to save, remember that all of it’s children will be included.
  2. Click the ‘ Save to My Components‘ button in the properties tab in the sidebar.
  3. The saved component will now be found under My Components when adding a new component .