Additional CSS/JS

When using the pagebuilder, you would notice that you won’t be able to add script tags on the page.  This is to prevent conflicts to the base page builder script.  This wiki page describes how to include additional javascript libraries, external js and css, and how to add your custom js.

To add external css or js, go to Project Options > Additional CSS/JS.  This section is divided into three sub sections:

  • Common Libraries – a collection of external css/js libraries commonly used on a site. Some of the libraries here even have a special component useable in the page builder (eg. owl carousel).  To use that specific special component, you need to include it’s corresponding library here. To include the library to your project, click on ‘Add Dependencies’ button.
  • External JS/CSS – this section is used to add your js or css from external sources like cdn. To add an item, just paste the src/href and click Add button.
  • Custom JS – this section is where to place all your external javascripts. It is divided into 2; head and body js. Javascripts you place in the head section will usually be rendered in the head tag and the body section will be rendered just before the end of the body tag in your page.